Visibly Evident
Johanna Love

Under a Darkening Sky, 2019

The images I am interested in making operate at the limits of human perception and often invoke ideas of the technological sublime, through print, drawing and photographic languages. I often combine all together, using fragments of landscape and architectural subject matter, to generate unstable, shifting material surfaces, and visually complex and unfathomable images. Here, the fractured, open and complex images offer an arena within which we can contemplate themes of time, memory and mortality.

Johanna Love is an artist and academic living in London. She is currently Pathway Leader for MA Printmaking at Camberwell College of Arts, London, and Senior Lecturer in Fine Art Printmaking at the University of Brighton. Her practice explores images that sit at the intersection between traditional problems of perception and modern technology, images which are at the edge of visual representation and that provoke a number of paradoxical readings of time, memory and mortality. She completed a practice-based PhD at Chelsea College of Art & Design, exploring the subject of dust, as generating new perceptions of viewing the printed photographic image. She is currently collaborating with the National History Museum, London, in a project that uses an electron microscope to examine dust gathered from her grandparents’ home in Hamburg, Germany, a town heavily bombed during World War II.  

She exhibits widely both nationally and internationally. Recent exhibitions include: ‘Under a darkening sky’, Standpoint Gallery, London (2019); ‘Artist of the day’, Flowers Gallery, London (2018); ‘Painting, Drawing and the Digital’, University of Northampton (2017); ‘Another Way of Telling’, Vancouver, Canada (2016); ‘Johanna Love’, GiG Gallery, Munich (2015); ‘A small constellation of photographic evidence’, Cheng Art Gallery, Beijing (2015); ‘Behind the eyes: making pictures’, Gallery North, Newcastle (2013).