Visibly Evident
Kate Davis & David Moore (ME–WE)

Central Station, 2021

This photograph began as one in a series documenting a piece of sculpture. It then became one in a pairing of images that were exhibited on a sculpture in Berkeley Square. This stand-alone version with a large black border, reminiscent of a large-format colour slide, emphasizes certain abstract elements of the image, leaving the viewer uncertain as to its composition, in particular where the picture plane exists and whether the frog is in or on an object or space – playing with reflection and ambiguities between solid and liquid, real or imagined.
Although we consider our core thinking to be centred in the discipline of sculpture, central to all the work is a sense of our physical bodies and events at the edge of consciousness that speak of those moments before and beyond language, and deal with primordial or transformed states of being. The work we make shifts between the media of drawing, sculpture, photography, text and performative events.
We draw equally on philosophical concepts and emotional responses, to pay testament to human experience through a formalized, invented language. The work explores mortality, matters of the heart and notions of intimacy, often playing on the relationship between measured and experienced time.
Most works are made in response to a specific location or to a particular event and draw on personal experience, despite our constant attempts to avoid this. Hence there is a personal narrative running along the works’ underbelly, which forms a shadow beneath a more open and speculative interpretation.
It is a purposefully purposeless demand that we account for our being with some kind of testament to experience.
Kate Davis is a senior Tutor and Fellow in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art, London. David Moore is a Lecturer in Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh.
Alongside distinguished individual careers, sculptors Kate Davis and David Moore formed ME-WE Productions in 2010 to mark their interest in collaborative working.
Recent solo and group projects include:
2021: #9 MOVEMENT-SPACETIME, Soanyway, digital magazine, Volume 2, Issue Nine, June 2021
Blueprints for the Otherwise, with JJ Chan, Bloc Projects, Sheffield
30works30days, 12ø collective
Together it Seams, Prick & Stitch Alliance, Standpoint Gallery, London
>>Strategy: Get Arts<< 50th Anniversary Exhibition, Demarco Archive Gallery, Summerhall, Edinburgh and National Collections, Scotland
2020: Circling the Square, Parts 1 & 2, Berkeley Square, London, A Grosvenor Britain & Ireland Public Commission with Modus Operandi
2019: A Day in the Life of a City, a sculptural installation and durational performance, Not Only the Biennale, Venice Biennale
All Work and All Play, Air Gallery, Manifest Arts Festival with JJ Chan
Miniscule, Part 2, Cross Lane Projects, Cumbria
Alive in the Universe, Not Only the Biennale, Venice Biennale